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Waidler Pty Ltd provides a one stop solution to Automotive related services. Waidler Pty Ltd commenced operation in South Africa in 2014 providing extensive expertise in the Automotive Industry where Motor Vehicle Accidents and Damages are concerned.


Use of better technology for more safety and transparency.


Creating awareness to everyone of life saving technology.
Independent opinion to all involved parties.
Providing knowledge.
Earn recognition through quality and honesty.



The Enigma of Waidler

The habitants of Germany, Austria and West of Czech Republic respectively call a group of people born in the South East area of Bavaria Germany, “WAIDLERS”. WAIDLER originates from the word “WOID, which translates to “forest” and refers the Bavarian Forest.

Waidlers’ Roots

The founder of the company Michael Faltermeier was born in 1970 and grew up in the heart of the Bavarian Forest. He came to South Africa in 2010, having made his contribution by working with Car Manufacturers, Insurance Associations, Certification Bodies, e.t.c, he founded the company Waidler PTY LTD in 2014.

The choice of the company branding was inspired by the things he lived amongst. The logo representing Eurasian Lynx and the trees representing the Bavarian Forest.