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Our strength lies in the ability to offer various services in the Automotive Sector. The key to our success is the maintenance of a close working relationship with our clients through guaranteeing the best possible solutions to their needs; to establish and maintain thorough knowledge and understanding of client’s objective and help maximize the benefits.

Visual Inspection with accurate vehicle identification, market price evaluation, definition of modifications and accessories

A comprehensive report with description of defaults and damage is compiled and sent with supporting images.

Conducting tests and measurements to determine the cause, nature, and quantum of technical default failure

A full condition inspection is conducted during this inspection.

Comprehensive investigation into the cause of the incident by inspecting the vehicle and running an On Board Diagnostic

to determine and interpret data in order to accumulate knowledge and most importantly to prevent future incidents from re occurring.

In depth investigation to determine the cause of the fire; to track the location or last used date of a stolen vehicle and

to prove beyond reasonable doubt that there was foul play in the case of fraud.

Quality control on the repair that was done on the vehicle and the method that was used for the repair. Verification of the invoice against the work done.

A condition inspection is conducted with a further and comprehensive assessment regarding the sustained vehicle damages

The damages are identified and listed on a repair quotation which includes the recommended repair method.

In depth investigation of the accident scene, collecting and recording all parameters

Collecting evidence and statements from different sources to report comprehensively on the root cause the accident.

An animated reconstruction of the accident with analysis of the root cause of the accident based on the data collected during the scene investigation.